Make a narly Sub Bass in just 25 seconds

With Xperiments XL, you don’t have to be an all-knowing synth techie to create incredible sounds from scratch. We have taken care of the details so your perfect sound is never more than a few clicks away.

To quickly create a sub-bass using Xperiments XL, follow these steps;

  • In PRESETS (top-right menu in Xperiments XL), click on the category BASIC, then select the preset number 1 ‘A PLACE TO START’.
  • In SHAPING (top-left menu), slightly raise the ATTACK level (it takes the clicky edge off the beginning of the sound).
  • In the SAMPLE menu, select 6 SINE SE-OSC.
  • On the same SAMPLE page, select SUB 2 from the ADD NOISE/SUB menu (lower-right side), and increase its level to full. Close the SAMPLE page.
  • Back on the main instrument page, turn GLIDE up to around 30% (bottom-left).
  • Switch on MONO (bottom-left).